Air purifier

“Design a device to improve air quality of small living spaces”

Breathe air purifier black
Design direction air purifier
ideation phase for Breathe: air purifier
Breathe: air purifier exploded view
UX & UI interface of Breathe: air purifier
packaging breathe: air purifier
render in room of breathe: air purifier
A while back I had an idea for an air purifier that I quickly sketched, the main unique selling point, was to show the internal filters as a feat of beauty, instead of hiding them behind the product, like all other air purifiers. I’ve decided to further the design and work out the details.
One of the USP’s of the design were that you could see the filter through the front cap. The cap is made of a light frosted grey Polycarbonate and is easily removed by a twisting motion, when you need to replace the HEPA filter.
It is a wall mounted unit, especially designed to cleanse the air of small city appartments, because it is mounted on the wall, it will not take in any unnecessary space. The power cord is eliminated, and it should be assembled the same way you would a wall light. First screw in the back plate, and connect the wires to the main part. Then twist in the main part until you hear a clear “click” and you’re in business.
The display features a colored ring, indicating the current air quality, aswell as the temperature, humidity, WiFi connection and current mode. You can control everything with the App. The App also indicates when to replace the blue HEPA-filter.
The line work on top of the packaging refers to the HEPA filter, the crystal blue color is a reference to ‘clean air’.
It is available in black and white, and it would also be possible to switch HEPA filters with another color, to fit your interior best!